These causes are acne, know in detail

These causes are acne, know in detail

These causes are acne, know in detail,Health Tips

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Friends, so every person in the world wants to see the most beautiful and most different. For this, he strives to make every effort. But 1 small facial scarf gives up its beauty. Whose face starts to flutter, all the beauty of the whole of his life begins to end, due to which he becomes a little irritable. Tell you whether it is male or female, all acne. By eating it happens to people whose face is oil. The biggest reason for this is the oil face. If it is not treated during the time, then it grows. Due to this, the stain on the face is also frozen on the face, which is then known to be no cure.

Coming of acne in the face begins only after adolescence or the first stage of puberty. At that time the effect of hormones is at high level in both boys and girls. During this time, the cymbum is excreted, which has high amount of discharge. In which the size of the acacia glade increases due to the androgen. Due to this, the skin gets blown from that place and the passage is stored in it. Which takes the form of mukhsans Facials are often found on face, throat, back and neck. Apart from this, the second reason for its formation is the extraction of oil in the excess quantity of oil glands present on the face. By which the bacteria are born and they become the cause of the acne due to fracture in the skin of the face. Apart from this, we are telling you two reasons for this.

For internal reasons

Genetic causes - The causes of acne are due to improper eating habits, make-up on the face, stress or epitionation. There are hormones dislocation. In many people, this problem is also genetic.

Hormone changes - Hormones changes in girls mostly during menstrual cycle or during menopause. Many times the changes in the hormones become so unbalanced, which causes acne on the face to grow on a large volume. This makes the color of the face shatter and the sun shines. Due to its high volume, facial scars are also increased. Which makes the face deeper and bigger spots. Comparison of men is more likely to be more confused in women. Because it increases the amount of irregular menstrual cycle, hormone changes during pregnancy, or starting or stopping contraceptive pills. Which causes acne

By not changing the pillow cover-even if you ignore these small things, but these small things will have a profound effect on your skin. Oil imposed on your head and you may fall in the hair of your hair, due to acne problems, because when you use the same tactics every day while sleeping, then sticking to your face after applying the head and dung oil This fungus can be dangerous for your skin.

Use of medicines - Using drugs like lithium chloride and iodine causes acne. Apart from this, starting or hormone consumption of hormone changes or contraceptive pills during pregnancy, in addition to putting more creamy cream on the face, the cells of the follicles stick together and stop the larynx, which causes problems of acne.

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