Know about eight benefits of alum, which will relieve you of many problems

Know about eight benefits of alum, which will relieve you of many problems.

Know about eight benefits of alum, which will relieve you of many problems,beauty tips,health tips

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Know about eight benefits of alum, which will relieve you of many problems,health tips,beauty tips,

Friends, there are many things in our house which are of great work but we do not know their advantages. One of these is the alum. Alum is such a thing that is used in all houses. It is a multidisciplinary substance that is used for cleaning the water and also in the form of beauty products. 

Let's know its benefits.

  • In the summer, most people have to undergo sunburn problems. In such a way, add two spoonful of alum powder in half cup of water and place it in Sunburn area. It will be relieved.

  • Use alum to get rid of joints. Add water and t-tree ice in the alum powder and apply it in the hair. Wash the hair afterwards.

  • Due to dirt, blackheads on the face are common, add 1 teaspoon olive oil in 1 spoonful of alum powder to face on face. This will remove blackheads.

  • Hair is long and strong due to the use of alum. Put the alum powder and conditioner in lukewarm water and apply it on the hair. Wash it with water afterwards. Do this once in a week. In a few weeks, you will start seeing the difference.

  • It has special properties for stopping bleeding after injury, as well as acts like antiseptic and anti-bacterial.

  • If the poisonous worm or scorpion is cut, then add the powder of alum in water and make a thick slurry and get relief from it.

  • If bleeding from the gums comes, then it is better to rinse the alum with dissolved water.

  • Altitude is beneficial in animal injury etc. Wash the injured bird with the help of a kite and burn it with lighted water. Give this water to her a little bit. This will help the bird recover quickly. Similarly, the injury to the animal can be cured.

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