Just meet these 'biker' women, You will stop saying that women are bad drivers

Just meet these 'biker' women, You will stop saying that women are bad drivers

Just meet these 'biker' women, You will stop saying that women are bad drivers,news

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It is often heard that girls can not drive. Put a woman on the driver seat and it is decided to be an accident. Women are weak, less ache, they do not understand the machines, they can not get the stress of driving and do not know what what. But these five women have been able to prove that the automobile-especially bike-riding is not the only work of boys, while scattering the faces of those who say such a thing. Women also run bikes and when they run, six-and-a-half-young sixteenths leave. Let's meet some of the finest female bikers in India who have not allowed society to pass between their passions.

1. Lightshow Misbah

They are known as 'Hizabi biker'. The Arabic student of Delhi's Jamia Millia Islamia is a fond of bikes since the school days. She says, "When the remaining girls of my age wanted to take a scooty, the ghost of Bikes was riding on me. Biking has always been my passion and now I am fulfilling it. '

After practicing his father's bike for years, he got his first bike when he came to college. A Bajaj Avenger Cruiser 220. To earn money to take it, he got many part time job and shared his father's hand in family business. Five months later, by selling the bike, he took a Royal Enfid 500, which he liked 'Sound and Feel'. He also took a Honda CBR to fulfill his passion for sports bike.

Explaining her own experience of biking in Delhi, she says, 'The people here see me walking bike while I laugh.' But when I challenge them to apply a comic, then they are stunned. The bike is just a machine that does not require such manliness to run. '

Regarding being a 'hijaby biker', she says, 'I want to be a fashion for my biking. Not to wear. People should understand that the women wearing the hijab are not weak. We can do everything that someone else can do. '
Roshni Road has done many campaigns about safety.

2. Amahashim

Anam was in class X. When going to school, he saw some boys bike stunts on the road. The ghost of biking was aboard the same day. This 23-year-old girl from Lucknow is today a bike stunt performer. And the only Indian to win an International Stunt Comptition

Anam learned to ride a bike at an early age and for licenses he had to wait until he was 18. At the age of twenty years, he got a chance to go to Ladakh via Khashang La pass on a scooter zest by TVS. She was the first girl who scouted so high (18,000 feet). They covered 2150 kilometers in 18 days.

In 2016, TVS made him his brand ambassador. That same year he started his company 'Dreams Motorsports'. This company offers bikers for stunt shows and has several academies. Apart from bike stunts, Anime Adventure is also fond of Sports and a Fashion Designer by profession.

3. Urvashipole

Urvashi, Biking for ten years, is the founder of a female bikers collective 'bikarni'. Bicycling a bike for social media analyst Urvashi is not just a hobby but a medium of expression. Through biking they want to help empower women and they want to encourage them to travel. They say, 'Female boilers are not given any platforms in this country. They also have the right to live life by breaking all the bonds. So in 2011, I started a bikarni. We were just 14 in the beginning but now 700 are and 17 have spread to cities. "

Urvashi has got accident twice. Once the wrist was broken at the age of 14, and in 2012, when the biking in Coorg fell sir. He was lying in bed for four months and doctors advised to leave the biking. This accident could not prevent them and they started biking again.

Urvashi says, 'I want to roam the whole world sitting on my bike. There are so many countries to see and motivate a lot of women.

4. ShereneShikh

After being a mother, it is not easy to focus on your hobbies. Especially if your hobby is biking. Despite being a single mother, Sherene has proven herself in both places. 'I got kick by biking at the age of 14', she says. 'My mama taught me to bike, jeep, and adventure sports. At 18, Papa gave me a bike and since then this is my hobby. '

Sherene is a software engineer with a profession and does not like to be called 'professional biker'. Biking is their love and they do not do it for money or fame. Sheareen is very much inclined to worry that despite his concern, his family has always supported his hobbies.

Sheareen All India has been the best cadet in 2007 and has represented Maharashtra in rifle shooting.

5. Roshnisharma

Lights are India's first female bikers who have gone on bike from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. From the age of 16, they love biking. They feel that this is just an illusion that women can not travel alone. He believes that if a girl has courage, confidence, and understanding, then she can travel alone, wherever she wants.

These women get real inspires from passion and passion. Greeting courage and courage!
Just meet these 'biker' women, You will stop saying that women are bad drivers,news

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