If tingling and fatigue in your hands and feet, Know what vitamin deficiency is in your body

If tingling and fatigue in your hands and feet, Know what vitamin deficiency is in your body

tingling and fatigue in your hands and feet,Health tips

Nowadays every person likes to eat more nutritious and good food. But nowadays, there is no shortage of food in our food in a life filled with prosperity. Which causes many diseases and problems in our body. By the way all vitamins are very important for our health. But vitamin B12 is considered to be such an element. The lack of which is a great loss to the body. These vitamins help in the repair and repair of DNA found in our cells.

Vitamin B12 is considered the main ingredient in main elements such as brain spinal cord. It is also capable of fulfilling the task of making different proteins for all parts of the body. This vitamin B12 is also helpful in the formation of red blood cells. These are vitamins which are absorbed by our intestines.

If there is tingling and fatigue in our hands, then there are deficiencies in the body. And what are the reasons for its deficiency. We will give you all this information today.

1. First reduction has been considered as inheritedness. First of all, if you have a problem with a member of your family, then you may also be appreciated.

2. Although there is no surgery in your intestines, this may be the main reason.

3. Due to serious illnesses like cronjas, intestines can not absorb Vitamin B12.

4. Even if a person has serious illness like anemia for a long time. So there is a lack of B12.

5. Patients taking anemia and diabetes medicines for a long time, vitamin B12 will end.

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms

1. Problems like irritation and tingling in hands feet.

2. Feeling weak, headache, excessive feeling of tiredness, etc. are major symptoms.

Measures for Rescue and Treatment

If this symptom occurs in our body then So we should immediately check Vitamin B12.
Many people do not pay attention to these symptoms. Due to this the disease takes on a very large form. It seems to be harmful to us.

Vegetarian people should pay more attention to their diet. They should consume more quantity of foods made from milk. Let it be said that it is necessary to have a volume of 400 to 500 millimeters in the body of a healthy person. If the time has passed, then we can overcome it by taking medicine and eating.

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