6 ways to spend quality time with children who will keep you from them

6 ways to spend quality time with children who will keep you from them

6 ways to spend quality time with children who will keep you from them

In Life Life, a father can not give his children as much time as the children want. Many times, despite the Father's wish, the job never gets the quality time for the children to follow the target. Expert Priti Agarwal knows how to spend time with children.

  • Do not bring office’s work at home

Dilution, honesty and dedication towards work is very important. But do not be so sure that you stay in work twenty-four hours. Because of this, people often bring home office work, which is not good for anyone.
Benefit: The stress of the office will not come home, only then will it be able to spend quality time.

  • Eat food together

In the case of work, many fathers stay away from home all day long. But your schedule must be eaten at least once a day with children. Try to be with you at the dinner.
Benefit: You can discuss their day-to-day activities with children.

  • tell the story

The most important thing that every child's father should learn from his mother is Bed Time Story. Even before the children sleep, the father must also tell them inspirational stories and tales. Children will learn a lot from this.
Benefit: Children take care of what they have learned to learn from.

  • Keep gadget switch off

Stay with the children at home, stay away from computers and laptops and also reduce the use of other social media channels. If it is not very necessary then it is better to return to work and turn off the mobile switch.
Benefit: Technically indirectly increasing workloads. Good distance from it.

  • Activity with children

At the end of the week or on the day of the holiday, you should plan for any activity in which you and your children can stay for a few hours. This activity can be in the form of a game or as a creative work.
Benefit: Not only will the children learn from you, but also help to reduce the stress.
6 ways to spend quality time with children who will keep you from them

  • Take the leave from your work

Some people think it is right to take at least the holidays during work. Well it can be professionally correct, but not from a family standpoint. Therefore, it is important to keep intermittent intervals for the family too.
Benefit: Excursions or adventure will create freshness in relationships with children.
6 ways to spend quality time with children who will keep you from them,

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