6 cream for the problem of freckle: make skin clean and beautiful

6 cream for the problem of freckle: make skin clean and beautiful

6 cream for the problem of freckle, make skin clean and beautiful,beauty tips

6 cream for the problem of freckle,make skin clean and beautiful,beauty tips,

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1. Jovis Ayurveda Anti-Blemish Pigmentation Cream

Due to the properties of lavender, walnuts and rosemary in this cream, it removes bruises and marks from natural methods. It also works as a moisturizer, which provides adequate moisture to your skin. It is quite lighter texture, its use is clean and soft.

Price - 221 / -INR

2. Vedic Line Alpha-Whitening Cream

It removes stains and bruises from the face and makes skin white and glaring. Active ingredient such as Green Tea and Olive Oil, in this case, is beneficial for skin. Being completely herbal does not even have any sunlight effects.

Price: 350 / -INR


3.  Richfeel Anti Blemish Cream

It is a homeopathic cream, which proves to be very effective in removing facial wrists, marks and stains. It also helps to make the face white by clearing the skin color.

Price - 167 / -INR

4. Fab India Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream

This is a fantastic cream, which provides a bright skin tone to your face. The special formula used in it is particularly effective for dark spots. It gives a soft and smooth look, combined with skin easily.

Price - 490 / -INR


5. Nature's Essence De-pigmentation Neemaya Cream

This cream containing neem and papaya properties provides a natural glow by removing the face's dead skin. Fry on the face or pimple marks This cream is effective at all.

Price - 75 / -INR

6. Invada Whitening and D-Pigmentation Cream

This cream gives the face a lot of soft, smoothed, refreshing looks. It also provides moisture to the skin as well. Due to the properties of turmeric and lemon contained in it, it cleanses the face by removing the impurity on the face and relieves the problem of barks.

Price - 395 / -INR

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